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ElektroPhysik is one of the leading manufacturers of measuring instruments for the surface technology:

♦Coating Thickness  ♦Wall Thickness  ♦Pinhole Detection ♦Roughness  ♦Gloss ♦Asphalt Layer Thickness ♦ Thickness of Refractory Bricks in Industrial Furnaces, Kilns and Ovens


Coating Thickness Gauges, Coating Thickness Measurement, Paint Thickness, DFT Coating ThicknessGauges for coating thickness measurement of

  • Varnish, paint and other non-ferrous coatings on steel
  • Insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals
  • Electroplated coatings

Wall Thickness Measurement, Thickness Gauge Wall ThicknessGauges for measuring the wall thickness of glass, steel, plastic, rubber, …

Pore Testers, Porosity Test, Porosity Search, Pin Hole Detection Pinhole detectionTesting devices for detection of pores and voids

Pavement Thickness Gauges, Asphalt Thickness Measurement, Road Layer Thickness Measurement Asphalt Layer ThicknessNon-destructive road layer thickness measurement

Cross-cut tester SecoTest Cross-cut testCross cut tester to assess adhesiveness of lacquer coatings on hard and soft substrates.

Portable 2-angle reflectometer PicoGloss 562MC Gloss measurementPortable gloss meters (reflectometer) with 1, 2 or 3 measuring angles, automatic mirror gloss measurement and stray light compensation.

Precision roughness tester TR 200 Roughness measurementPortable surface roughness tester for use at testing laboratories and manufacturing workshops.

Niton™ XL5 XRF Analyzer


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